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Gu Shu Black Tea 古树红茶
  • Gu Shu Black Tea 古树红茶

    Robust black tea harvested and produced in Bang Dong, Yunnan province in south-west China. The tea trees are gown in the wild in contast to tea plantation, free from human interventio; bigger tree ages means more complex and deeper root systems that can draw more nutrients from the soil, which leads to denser, more complex flavours, as well as the accumulation of beneficial contents.


    Origin: Bang Dong, Yunnan 

    Produced in: 2023

    Type: Black Tea 

    Character: Durable. fruity, sweet, floral 

    • Brewing Recommendations

      90-100°C Water

      1 g:30 ml - 1 g:50 ml

      Tea Water Ratio


      This tea is very durable and robust, for a milder and softer flavour, use lower temperature water, rise the water temperature for a denser, more fruity flavour. Use ~1:50 tea water ratio for single infusion in a thermo, cup or regular teapot.

      For Kung Fu Tea brewing method using a Gaiwan/teapot, start with a water-tea ratio of 1:30 and adjust accordingly. 

      For Cold brew, start with a tea-water ratio of 1:150-200, mix regular temperature water and tea in a vessal and refrigerate for 4-6 hours. 

    • Character

      This tea is produced in 2023, featuring a very floral, fruity, lemony aroma from the dry leaves, and an amazing sweetness and floralness when brewed in hot water. It is one of the few tea that we recommend for making cold brew tea, which mades a naturally sweet and refreshing summer beverage (resembling rose/dry red wine), given the fact that it does not lose its particular fruity and floral aroma even when brew in cold water.

    • Craft

      Black tea is a type of oxidized tea made from the species of Camellia Sinensis, it has a higher oxidation level comparing to most other teas made from Camellia Sinensis, therefore presenting a darker colour, as well as complex range of flavours that resembles fruits, floral, and a special smoothness and a certain pectin like texture. 

    • Volume

      20g / 50g / 100g

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