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Nan Nuo Mt. Raw Puer

Nan Nuo Mt. Raw Puer

Robust black tea harvested and produced in Bang Dong, Yunnan province in south-west China. The tea trees are gown in the wild in contast to tea plantation, free from human interventio; bigger tree ages means more complex and deeper root systems that can draw more nutrients from the soil, which leads to denser, more complex flavours, as well as the accumulation of beneficial contents.


Origin: Bang Dong, Yunnan 

Produced in: 2023

Type: Black Tea 

Character: Durable. fruity, sweet, floral 

  • Brewing Recommendations

    90-100°C Water

    1 g:20 ml - 1 g:25 ml

    Tea Water Ratio

    For Kung Fu Tea brewing method using a Gaiwan/teapot, start with a water-tea ratio of 1:20 and adjust accordingly. 


  • Character

    Pressed in pie in 2016, this tea is rich in tea polyphenol yet not stimulating due to its natural aging. It features a very floral and mellow taste, gentle texture and sweet and aromatic aftertaste. The flavour of the dry leaves resembles sour fruits such as prune, apricot. 

  • Volume

    20g / 50g / 400g

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