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Man Gang Raw Puer Dragon Ball

Man Gang Raw Puer Dragon Ball

Sweet and punchy raw puer dragon ball from Man Gang, Yunnan. 


Origin: Bang Dong, Yunnan 

Produced in: 2020

Type: Raw Pu Er 

Character: Sweet, fresh, floral

  • Brewing Recommendations

    90-100°C Water

    1 g:20 ml - 1 g:25 ml

    Tea Water Ratio

    For Kung Fu Tea brewing method using a Gaiwan/teapot, start with a water-tea ratio of 1:20 and adjust accordingly. 


  • Character

    Pressed in pie in 2016, this tea is rich in tea polyphenol yet not stimulating due to its natural aging. It features a very floral and mellow taste, gentle texture and sweet and aromatic aftertaste. The flavour of the dry leaves resembles sour fruits such as prune, apricot. 

  • Volume


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