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Four Season Oolong: Dark Roast
  • Four Season Oolong: Dark Roast



    The Four Season hand roasted Taiwan Oolong serie contains four different products that are made using different local tea tree cultivars as well as different oxidation and roasting levels,  resulting in four distinctive and unique flavour profiles.


    The series comes in two options: 1) regular packagings of  50g of loose tea packed in foil and paper based jars;  and 2) 10 x 3g of  small tea bags that are designed to be used for cold brew tea,  packed in a sealed alumninum foil bag.  The four products are respectively Four Season Spring, Jin Xuan, Dark Roast and Red Oolong. You can find information on each product in the below sections. 


    Crafting Techniques and Planting Condition: 


    Hand roasted with charchoal using traditional methods, produced and packaged locally in Nan Tou City, Taiwan. Charcoal roasting is considered to be one of the most time consuming and complex method of roasting due to its many variables, therefore requiring skillful craftsmen to operate. It helps to alleviate unplesant and the raw smell of the tea leaves, reduce water content, lower the caffaine content and to generate a unique complex and in-depth flavour. 


    The oolong tea used in this serie are all harvested from the Song Bai Ling Tea plantation located in Nantou County, south of the Ba Gua Mountain where the elevation is around 500 m. The plantation features a terraced terrain; the climate is humid and misty all year round; and the unique red earth is rich in nutrients that faciliates tea plantation growth. 



    Dark Roast 


    Medium roasted oolong, an flavourable additioon to this lightly roasted oolonng series. Using local oolong cultivars with strong annd elastic leaves,  this particular product is roasted wiith medum heat to bring out the thick and dense charchoal aroma. Featurinng a nutty, barley like taste that resmebles lightly roasted coffee, and a  sweet annd thick after taste.  


    Oxidation Level: Light (20 -25 %)
    Roasting: Light (30-35%)


    • Brewing Recommendations

      Dark Roast/Red Oolong

      Use 5- 6g Tea for 1L of Water | 100°C | Brew for 4-5 min

      Kung Fu Tea Method: 
      Use 6-7g Tea for 120 ml-150ml Water | 100 °C | 
      Infuse for 15s for the first brew, and 10s for the second to fourth brew, add 5s for every subsequent brew. 

      *We recommend to experiment with the water-tea ratio and the infusion time to get the most optiminum flavour that suits you the best. 

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