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Aged mandarin ball with Pu'er (Green)
  • Aged mandarin ball with Pu'er (Green)

     A unique type of tea that combines the flavors of ripe Pu'er tea with the zest of green mandarin oranges harvested before they fully mature. The mandarin zest has been harvested in Xinhui District of Jiangmen City in Guangdong Province, China traditionally for its medicinal usage. By hollowing out the mandarins and filling them with ready made Pu'er tea leaves, the stuffed mandarins are then dried, allowing the tea to absorb the citrus oils, which enhances its flavor profile​.


    This blend results in a tea that offers a unique combination of citrusy and woody flavors​.


    The tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Aged mandarin is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to aid digestion, reduce internal body heat, and to alleviate signs of cold and throat inflammation.


    Green mandarins feature a unque fresh and high-pitched aroma comparing to matured mandarines, and higher content of flavonoid that comes with a unique set of health benefits. It is normal to see white specks over the skin of the mandarin, it is the natural result of theinternal component of the mandarine reacting with oxygen. 

    • Basic Info

      Origin: Xin Hui, Guang Dong (mandarin), Yunnan (Pu'er)

      Produced in 2021

      Type: Pu'er 

      Character: citrus, woody

    • Volume

      Single Serving: 10 g


    • Brewing Recommendation

      Water Temperature: 95-100 °C

      Tea-Water Ratio: One ball for a standard gaiwan of 150-200 ml or teaware of your choice.

      Infusion Time:

      • Kung Fu style: (if using the mandarine ball intact) 40-50s for the first infusion, 30 s for the second infusion and add additional 5-10s for the subsequent brews, infusions can be repeated for up until 20 times until flavour fades away. (if using the mandarine ball crushed) 15-20s for the first infusion, add additional 5-10 s for the subsequent brews until flavour runs out. 
      • Boiling method: The mandarine ball can be boiled direcly, by adding the mandarine ball to hot water and boil for 2-3 min until colour darkens. This procedure can be repeated for several times until flavour runs out.
      • General Infusion: add the mandarine ball to your teaware of choice. (If using the mandarine ball intact) Infuse for 3-4 mins and then remove the mandarine ball from the infusion, repeat until flavour runs out; (If using the mandarine ball crushed) Infuse the mandarine and tea for 2-3 mins and remove them from the infusion, repeat until flavour runs out. 

      *For preparation, you can either use the mandarine ball as a whole, lift the lid on top and brew it by pouring hot water direcly over; or you can also break apart the entire ball before brewing, and then pour water over. 

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