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Triple Water Oolong
  • Triple Water Oolong

    Brewing Instruction:

    Water temperature: 95 - 100 °C

    Amount of water: 300 ml 

    Infusion time: 6-7 minutes


    *this brewing recommendation is a general guidline, which should be adjusted based on specific utensils used and method of brewing. 

    • Character

      • Triple Water - Qing Xin /Green Heart Oolong 
      • Featuring a delicate and long lasting floral and fruity note, resembers osmanthus flower, with recurring sweetness.
      • Featuring a thick bright yellow colour.
      • After roasting, the tea contains less caffaine and is less stimulating to the body. 
    • Craft

      • Handcrafted with traditional charcoal roasting techniques from Taiwan
      • Featuring long lasting floral scent with the sweetness of fruit notes after roasting.
    • Volume

      30 g (5 packs x 6 g)

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