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Triple Gold -Jin Xuan

Triple Gold -Jin Xuan


Jin Xuan, also known as No.12/milky oolong, is a local hybrid of In-Zi-Hon-Shin oolong and No. 8 oolong. It was created by Mr Wu Zhen Duo from the Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station in the 1980s, first named as  No. 12 oolong, then subsequently named by Mr Wu after his grandmother’s name: Jin Xuan. 


Jin Xuan variety is mostly commly planted across central Taiwan and the Alishan District. Known for its creamy, candy liike mouthfeel that resenbles milk, therefore is often refered to as "Milky Oolong".


Oxidation Level: Light (20-25%)
Roasting: Light (20-25%)


Hand roasted with longan charchoal using traditional methods, produced and packaged locally in Nan Tou City, Taiwan. Charcoal roasting is considered to be one of the most time consuming and complex method of roasting due to its many variables, therefore requiring skillful craftsmen to operate. It helps to alleviate unplesant and the raw smell of the tea leaves, reduce water content, lower any stimulating content and to generate a unique complex and in-depth flavour. 


Harvested from the Alishan High Altitude plantation, tea leaves benefit from drastic temperature difference between day and night, a cloudy, misty, humid environment, and the nourishment of natural spring water and streams.

The plantation is situated around 1000-1600 m of altitude, where limitted sun exposures significantly lower the content of Catechin, the main substance within tea leaves responsible for the bitterness and the  estringency. At the same time, this condition leads to higher content of Theanine, which contriibutes to sweetness. As a result of the unique geographic conditions, tea produced here have more substance,  generating thicker and enduring aroma and taste. 

  • Harvested in Alishan, crafted in Nantou, Taiwan
  • Produced in 2022/2023
  • Oolong: Jin Xuan/No. 12 Oolong 
  • Character: Featuring natural sweetness and creaminess that resembles sweet corn or caramel, smooth and mellow texture, as well as recurring sweetness and floralness. 
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