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Midi Riped Puer 2020
  • Midi Riped Puer 2020

    Brewing Instruction: 

    Cup/Regular Tea Pot 

    Water Temperature: 90-99 °C

    Tea -Water Ratio: 1g: 40-60 ml 

    Infusion Time: 3-5 mins


    Kung Fu Tea/Gaiwan/Small Tea Pot 

    Water Temperature: 95-99 °C

    Tea -Water Ratio: 1g: 15-20 ml 

    Infusion Time: 40-60s (1st brew), 20-40s (2nd- 5th brew), +10-20s onwards





    • Character

      • Tea trees from high altitude misty mountain in Xin Fu County, Mo Jiang City, Yunnan. 
      • Ripe Puer.
      • Made in 2020
      • Featuring a thick, glutinous and mellow taste, with recurring sweetness and honey like texture. 
    • Craft

      Ripe Puer crafting techniques is delevoped in the 1970s in Yunnan, China. It is the only type of Chinese tea that go through a process called "fermentation" which accelerate the timeline to transform the chemical components of the tea naturally. Traditional raw puer tea takes time to tranform in order to give rise to a more matured and smooth flavour, as a result, ripe puer technique is developed. It utilizes heat and humidity to decompose the polyphenols within the tea, while natural micro-organisms work to decompose particles within the tea leaves, and then through piling, the effective bacterias get to work to achieve brand new recomposition of the particles to achieve a smoother and mellow taste as well as an enhanced set of health benefits. 



    • Specification

      357 g

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