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2020 Loose Shou Mei

2020 Loose Shou Mei

Harvested and produced in the village of Xian Pu situated at the southwest side of Fu Ding city in Fu Jian province, China. The area features high forest coverage and biodiversity. Tea plantations are loosly managed amoung natural forest and features. A sub-tropical monsoon climate leads to mild winters and summers with sufficient light and rainfall. Tea plantations are scattered across mountains that are ranging from 600-750m in altitude. 

This particular shoumei is harvested in 2020, thoroughly dried and withered through multiple procedures. The dry leaves are flat and open, slightly rolled on the edges, presenting a green-brown colour profile, with a fresh and light aroma. The infusion has a soft and mellow mouthfeel, light body, fresh grassy and floral aroma, and rucurring sweet sensations. The infusion colour transitions from a golden yellow colour to darker amber tone over infusions. It can be consumed fresh or after continious aging.


For aging and storage, seal the tea packaging with a proper clip and store within a container that will conceal it from light, moisture and odors. Store in somewhere cool and dry, avoid any cross contamination with other smells. 

  • Basic Info

    • Origin: Xian Pu Village, Fu Ding, Fu Jian Province 
    • Produced in: 2020
    • Type: White/ Shou Mei 
    • Character: Mellow, soft, fresh, floral, sweet
  • Volume


  • Brewing Recommendation

    Water Temperature: 90-95 °C 

    Amount of Tea: 3-5 g

    Tea-Water Ratio: 1:25 

    Infusion Time: 30 s for the first infusion, increase by 5-10 s for the subsequent brews. Repeat for 6-10 times until flavour fades out. 

    For infusion in a tea cup, thermo or bigger tea pot, experiment with a tea-water ration between 1-100 and 1-200, start by using around 3 g for a tea pot that is round 600 ml and infuse for 3-4 minutes. Adjust accordingly based on your personal taste and preference. 

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