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Aged Orange Peel White Tea
  • Aged Orange Peel White Tea

    Brewing Instruction:

    Water Temperature: 90-95 °C

    Tea-Water Ratio: 1: 22

    Infusion Time: 4-5 mins 


    Note: the aged orange peel could be consumed seperately or together based on personal preference, simpy infuse in hot water to make a flavoured beverage. 

    • Character

      Fu Ding White Tea (7 years aged Shou Mei) + Aged orange peel from Xin Hui, Guang Dong province in China.

      White Tea is crafted in Fu Du, Fu Jian Province in China .

      Natural thickness and mellowness of aged white tea infused with riped citrus flavour.

      Multiple health benefits brought together by both the white tea and the aged orange peels. 

      Good for digestion or as day to day beverage. 

    • Craft

    • Volume

      Single Serving: 6.5 g (1.5 g aged orange peel + 5 g white tea)

      Gift Packaging: 190 g (30 packs x 6.5 g)

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