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Tea Experience

A space for tranquility, to play with taste, to experience a ritual and something new. 
This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Tea Tasting Session

An unique experience of tranquility and taste in our studio space.

  • 100 Romanian lei
  • Strada Popa Tatu 23

Service Description

The tea session takes place at the Lonely Panda Studio Space. It includes the tasting of up to 3 different types of Chinese loose leaf tea, preapared either in the traditional Kung Fu tea ritual or alternative styles, accompanied by complinentary snacks and free tea samples to take home with. It includes an general introduction to the basics of tea including the origin stories, how to prepare and how to taste, etc. You can also find a varitety of tea and teawares to explore within our studio space. The session duration is 1 hour, with a maximum capacity of 4 person. We also offer tea sessions in your prefered locations other than our studio space. It is ideal for occasions such as comapny events or private gatherings. Please feel free to include your requests and questions in our booking form.

Contact Details

  • Strada Popa Tatu 23

    Strada Popa Tatu 23, Bucharest, Romania

    +40 754473510

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