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Tea Experience

A space for tranquility, to play with taste, to experience a ritual and something new. 

All day Tea Drinking Club

  • 25 Romanian lei
  • Strada Popa Tatu 23|Strada Popa Tatu

Service Description

Join our all day drinking club for good tea and company. With 25 lei/person, you get to enjoy a variety of teas prepared by us spontaneously. No time limit and constraints, feel free to drop by anytime during the day and join the club!

Contact Details

  • Strada Popa Tatu 23

    Strada Popa Tatu 23, Bucharest, Romania

    +40 754473510

  • Strada Popa Tatu

    The Lonely Panda, Strada Popa Tatu, Bucharest, Romania

    +40 754473510

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