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Tea Party Night

Location: Chinese Cultural Institute, Bucharest, Romania

Collaborator: @ceaiteacha, Alexandra Lulache

An end-of-the year tea party that gathers the tea community in Bucharest, and one of the warm-up events for the soft opening of the Chinese Cultural Institute in Bucharest. The tea party night event is essentially a tea gather where we serve tea to a larger group of people beyond our own platform, an opportunity to share and to exchange. 

The theme of the party is "Community", therefore we invited a few fellow tea people to co-host the tea sessions, serving tea and guiding the guests for tasting. We served tea side by side with Diana and Andrei, who run the tea blog Ceai.Tea.Cha., where they share their own tea drinking experiences and knowledge about tea; and Alexandra, tea professional and enthusiast who is passionate about sharing and spreading tea culture of specialty tea to a broader public. Together, along with 20 other tea people and guests from the local community, we divided into four groups, sipping tea next to one other and exchange our respective opinions about tea. 

We sourced seasonal fruits and vegetables from the local market as part of the decor idea for the tea table, hoping to help the guests form connections between the taste of tea with various colour, scent, taste and flavors; also as a economic and sustainable decoration solution, which can be taken home with the guests at the end of the event. 

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