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An immersive tea ritual

Location: Comenduirea Garnizoanei Timișoara, Romania

Date: 2023.10.21

Collaborator: SAC Bucharest Contemperory Art Space

The tea ritual is an ancient tradition, revered by scholars and monks for its profound mindfulness and contemplative power; it is also a classical art form that has long been a source of inspiration for artists, scholars, and philosophers. During historical time, tea and art are often seen side by side, performed together in many different formats. 

The ‘Individual Compus’ is an exhibition curated by SAC contemporary art space in the historical location of Comenduirea Garnizoanei in Timisoara. We took this opportunity to imagine and to experiment a scenario where the audience contemplate the arts through the power of tea. 

To challenge the conventional way of engaging an art exhibition, which primarily relies on the views of the audience, through physical movement and observations, guided by circulation, lighting and guidance, we imagined this tea ritual as a gateway to the contemplation of the artworks of this exhibition, and a medium to engage and to interact with the surroundings.

The proposal is to introduce a brief moment of pause, an encounter with a particular set of scent, taste, and sensual experience provided by the tea, while appreciating and contemplating on the artworks around. We invited a limited number of guests to sit down around one of the art pieces, where we serve tea in a silent and contemplative manner, and the guests are free to look around and to leave at their own will. Our hope is that the simple act of serving and drinking tea can contribute to being fully immersed in the present moment, enhancing and creating an alternative experience for an art exhibition. 

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