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Ri Zhao Green Tea 日照

Ri Zhao Green Tea 日照

Ri Zhao green tea is produced in the coastal city Shan Dong in north-east China. It is one of the three major coastal green tea production regions (along with Boseong and Shizuoka). Also, one of the first teas planted in northern China north of Yangtze River.


The city of Rizhao has a warm and temperate monsoon climate, substantial temperature differences between day night, acidic soil and therefore allow tea trees to grow slower and to accumulate more organic components and nutrients. As a result, Rizhao green tea has thicker buds and leaves, and is proven to have significantly higher level of catechin and amino acids comparing to tea produced south to the Yangtze River. Green tea with its abundant catechin, amino acids, and vitamins has significant blood level/cholesterol lowering effect and is rich in antioxidants.


The tea itself features a bright yellow-green colour, a roasted chestnut aroma and sweet aftertaste. It is extremely durable in terms of flavour and aftertaste and can be brewed repeatedly and won't lose its flavour as much comparing to other green teas. It's strong and robust flavour reminisces sitting in a sunny prairie or a wheat field on a summer day.




80°C Water

Kung Fu Style:

  • Tea Water Ratio: 1 g:30 ml - 1 g:50 ml
  • Infuse for 20s for the first infusion, add 5-10 s for the following brews, repeat for 3-4 times. 

Regular Brewing:

  • Tea water ratio of 1g:50ml
  • Given its delicate nature, we recommend infusing it with 80 °C water in a glass cup (if you’d like to observe the leaves unfold and dance).
  • Add the water first, then add in the tea leaves to steep for a few minutes. We recommend a steeping time of about 1-2 minutes, but you are encouraged to adjust to find your optimum balance of flavour!
Expected to Ship by the end of June
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