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Da Hong Pao
  • Da Hong Pao


    Da Hong Pao,  is a legendary oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. Renowned for its rich, complex flavor profile, it combines floral, fruity, and roasted notes, producing a robust and smooth tea experience. The tea is semi-oxidized, which contributes to its unique reddish-brown leaves and characteristic taste.


    The Wuyi Mountains are known for their rocky terrain and mineral-rich soil, which contribute to the unique characteristics of Da Hong Pao. The tea bushes grow in the crevices of these rocks, absorbing the minerals which enhance their flavor.


    Historically, Da Hong Pao has been prized for its rarity and superior quality. The original mother trees, some of which are centuries old, are protected, and harvesting from them is no longer allowed to preserve their legacy. Modern Da Hong Pao is typically produced from cuttings of these original bushes or from blending other high-quality Wuyi rock tea cultivars together to mimic the original taste and flavour profile. The production process involves withering, bruising, oxidation, fixing, rolling, and drying, ensuring that the tea retains its aromatic and flavorful characteristics.


    It features a complex layer aroma that includes notes of roasted nuts, chocolate, and flowers. The flavour is robust and mineral, but smooth at the same time, resembling the rocky landscape and misty environment of the Wu Yi Mountain. It is salivating and leaves behind a lingering taste of floralness and sensation of sweetness. 

    • Brewing Recommendations

      95-100°C Water

      Kung Fu Style

      1 g:20-25 ml (7 g for a 150 ml volume teaware)

      Infuse for 20 s for the first infusion to loosen the leaves, add 5-8 s for the following infusions. Repeat for 6 -8 infusions until flaovur fades out.

      Regular Brewing

      1g - 100 ml (i.e. 5 g for a teapot that is 500 ml)

      Infuse for 2-3 min and remove the tea leaves from the infusion. 



    • Basic Info

      • Origin: Wu Yi Mountain, Fu Jian Province
      • Produced in: 2023
      • Type: Oolong  
      • Character: Mineral, nutty, floral, fruity
    • Volume

      8 g

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