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Ya Ji

Location: Grotto Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Date: 2023.09.27

Collaborator: Grotto Gallery 

Photography: Sabin Prodan

Videography: Valentin Ionescu

A Chinese tea ceremony presented by Weirong Li of The Lonely Panda tea studio, infused with a Guqin performance by Guqin artist Liu Chengyin.

Within the intimate confines of the Grotto Gallery, we bring together the refined elegance of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the enchanting melodies of the ancient music instrument Guqin to create a transcendent experience.

The gallery was transformed into a ceremonial space, carefully curated to evoke a sense of tranquility and mindfulness. We propose a modern interpretation of a tea house focusing on the power of solace and introspection, all elements working together to create a meditative atmosphere.

Ceramic set used in the tea ceremony is designed and crafted by local artist Sandra Berghianu. She creates mostly wheel-thrown unique pieces in stoneware and porcelain clays guided by an aesthetic that draws inspiration from both traditional Asian influences and modern arts. 

Garments are designed by local brand: Les Vacances D’Irina, known for its use of honest materials and clean, timeless designs, that embodies simplicity and authenticity. 

The setup is completed with a pair of lights from local designer furniture studio:Intro Design. Crafted by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition, these lights add a playful twist to the traditional Asian lantern.

The performance took place on the interior of the space, where the audience are positioned outside. As if it is a theatre play, the set design focused on absolute minimalism to create a strong focal point and a sense of balance. The movement of the tea host and the unique deep and transcendent sound of the Guqin music fully engaged the audience in a silent yet powerful way. The performance is a brand new experiment of the Chinese tea ceremony, with a focus on fusions with other engaging elements such as sound, colour and movements to create an interesting dialogue. 

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