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Tea Chart
// Harta Ceaiurilor

Location: Comenduirea Garnizoanei. Timisoara, Romania

Date: 2023.10.01

Collaborator: SAC Bucharest Contemperory Art Space

An installation designed for the exhibition INDIVIDUAL COMPUS | INDIVIDUAL ALL AROUND in Timișoara on 01.10.2023 presented by @sacbucharest.

The installation draws inspiration from the logo of the exhibition, where several colour blocks, each bearing the shape and the location of a respective exposition space for the exhibition, are infused together in the shape of a square. 100 transparent glasses are set on a 180 cm x 120 cm orange table in loose lines, where 6 types of cold brew teas in different shades and tastes fill up the glasses in sections to mimic the pattern of the exhibition logo.

A tea chart is provided to give information on the type of tea served in each corresponding colour zones. When each individual glass is removed, a colour sticker is revealed to leave behind the pattern of the logo.

Tea served:

Chrysanthemum flower | Green Tea ( Ri Zhao ) | White Tea ( White Peony ) | Oolong Tea ( Cui Yu ) | Black Tea ( Yun Nan Gu Shu ) | Dark Tea ( with dried Tangerine peel )

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