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Zi Lang Green Tea  紫阆
  • Zi Lang Green Tea 紫阆

    Zi Lang, the name of the ancient village residing in the nowadays Shao Xing city (Zhejiang Prov.) renowned for its rich history, rice wines and many waterways. Zi Lang is known as the “heavenly realm where the deity resides”, because its unique geographical conditions and natural high mountain sceneries. Cloudy and misty all year round, the tea planted here go through a longer growing cycle, where sufficient rainfall and humidity encourage organic component and nutrients to accumulate. Since ancient time, it is considered a particular delicate and pleasurable experience to brew Zi Lang tea with local spring water, while appreciating the heavenly views of the mountains and to watch the tea go ups and down in the cup like the natural rise and fall of the clouds in the mountains.


    This tea is grown organically and is completely hand-made. Usually made in small batches for local villagers. It features a particular dewiness and freshness only coming from high altitude growing environment that other green tea do not posses. Drinking this tea brings up the image and the scent of drizzling, misty rains in the mountain, cool toned forest mosses and pine nuts. The dry leaves are slightly curled, thin, and delicate, presenting a greyish-green colour. The leaves are robust, featuring a distinctive freshness and dewy sweetness. Taken as a beverage in the summer, not only will it soothe the throat, but the subtle fragrance and freshness will brighten the spirit, detoxicated the body and to relax the mind.

    • Brewing Recommendations

      80°C Water

      1 g:30 ml - 1 g:50 ml

      Tea Water Ratio


      Given its delicate nature, we recommend infusing it with 80 °C water in a glass cup (if you’d like to observe the leaves unfold and dance). Add the water first, then add in the tea leaves to steep for a few minutes. We recommend a tea water ratio of 1:50, and a steeping time of about 1-2 minutes, but you are encouraged to adjust to find your optimum balance of flavour!

      For Kung Fu Tea brewing method using a Gaiwan/teapot, start with a tea-water ratio of 1:30 and adjust accordingly.

    • Details

      Origin: Zi Lang, Zhu Ji, Shaoxing City, China

      Produced in: 2023 Spring

      Type: Green 

      Character: dewy, fresh, robust

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