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Sourced with integrity from Mainland China and Taiwan region, our tea selections offer a full sensual experience and carry significant cultural meaning. 
Aged Shou Mei White Tea Pie 2020/2018
  • Aged Shou Mei White Tea Pie 2020/2018

    Brewing Instruction: 

    Water Temperature: 90-95 °C 

    Amount of Tea: 3-5 g

    Tea-Water Ratio: 1:22 

    Infusion Time: 2-3 mins 


    * This brewing instruction is for reference only, it could vary between different utensil used, different method and brewing and a lot more other factors. 



    • Character

      • Fu Ding White Tea (Shou Mei)
      • 2018/2020 crafted First Grade Shou Mei 
      • Produced in Fu Ding, Fu Jian Province in China 
      • Ideal for day to day brewing and long term storage and collection. 
      • The tea pie featurs clean and neat whole leaf and sprouts. 
      • Three years natural aging gives rise to fresh yet thickened and condensed flavour. 

      *This tea pie features two different production dates, one batch  produced in 2018, and the other produced in 2020. making them repectively 5 years naturally aged and 3 years naturally aged. It is recommended to purchase the 2018 version if you want to enjoy a already rounder, smoother and complex layer of flavour witout having to wait further; or to purchase the 2020 version if you would like to store and collect the tea pie yourself for a more complex set of flavours to be enjoyed in the future. Nontheless the 2020 version can also be opened and drank as of today, featuring equally pleasant set of flavours and aroma. 

    • Craft

      • Using freshly harvested tea tree leaves with two to three leaves, naturally dried and then roast at low temperature to halt the enzyme reaction within the tea leaves partially. 
      • Minial treatment to the tea leaves of all tea to remain certain degree of chemical reactions within the leaves, which makes white tea ideal for long term (5-10) storage for more enhanced flavour and fragrance, as well as health benefit. 
    • Volume

      350 g

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