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about our tea collection...

Our tea collection comes from reliable, clean and authentic sources in mainland China and the Taiwan region. Each one of our tea is tasted and selected with care and genuity, bearing unique features and representative flavour profiles. We are constantly expanding our tea collections as we continue our sourcing journey, stay tuned for more variety of tea and plants in the future.


The section below provides a detailed introduction of our current tea collection. All products listed here are available for tasting in our tea tasting sessions and for purchase in our boutique space, while online purchase is underway! 

Four Season Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea 50 g

This serie of roasted oolong tea is hand crafted by award winning local family tea producers from NanTou City in Taiwan, China ( The series features four representative oolong teas made from local oolong varieties with different crafting techniques (level of oxidation and roasting). The Si Ji Chun Oolong (Four Seasons of Spring) features the most refreshing and floral profile; the Jin Xuan Oolong (No.12/Milk Oolong) features a creamy, leafy and woody profile; the red oolong is a unique hybrid of black tea techniques and traditional oolong roasting, featuring a sweet,honey like, fruity profile; the Charcoal Deep Roast Oolong provides the most heavy and intense taste,  featuring a tasting profile that resembles barley,wheat and coffee. Oolong tea produced in Taiwan typically takes the form of tightly rolled little pearls, while the whole leaved unroll during infusions. This product contains 50g of loose tea in one aluminum bag. 

Retro Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea 5 x 6g/7g

Made from the same producer of the Four Season Oolong tea, this serie features a collection of 5 most representative oolong tea varieties from Taiwan. Each comes in a single serving sized metalic package which includes 6-7g of tea. This serie provides an opportunities to taste the most representative oolong varieties all at once and to compare and contrast. Each package contains a collection of Qing Xin Oolong (Jade Heart), Song Bai Chang Qing Oolong (Forever Green), Cui Yu Oolong (Jade), Red Oolong and Jin Xuan Oolong (No.12/Milk Oolong). The product is named after the five key elements of Wu xing, an idea rooted in the ancient Chinese cosmology to reflect the character of each oolong variant. 

Dark Tea: Old Tree Riped Puer Tea 

This tea pie is crafted using tea harvested from wild, 100 year old tea tress in the Bang Dong region, of Yunnan Province, China. Wildly grown and old, these tea trees tend to have deeper and more complex roots that gather more nutrients from deeper soil. Without human interference, they are also growing in complete natural, clean environment with natural biodiversities. The tea pie uses materials harvest in 2018 and is crafted into pies in 2021. After 3 years of aging, the tea features a natural sweetness coming from the original tea trees and growing environment, woody and dried figs like taste and aroma, smooth texture and a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The pie is 357g, and is ideal for long term storage and collection. 

Dark Tea: Mi Di Riped Puer Tea

Produced in the Pu Er City of Yunnan Province in China,  Mi Di tea used to be known for being the tribute tea to the emperor during the Qing Dynasty. The nautral environment of the region feature high altitude, high humidy level and a mild all year round climate. The tea plants here has a long growing cycle and a short harvesting period, which generats relativevly small amount of production. This products contains 357g of compresses tea, and is harvested and crafted in 2020. The infusion features a deeply woody and mushroom like scent, a dense and honey like texture, and notes of riped fruits and hint of smokiness for taste. It provides a good comparison to the Old Tree Pu Er as the two present very different flavour profiles for riped Pu er

Dark Tea: Pheonix Riped Puer Tea

Produced by the famous Nan Jian Tea factory in Yunnan province, China. Known as the Tu Lin Pheonix Tuo (bun). This tea is a part of the vintage collectoin of tea lovers. It is produced in 2007, during which riped pu er production was at its peak in mainland China. This partifcular product comes in the form of a bun, containing around 100g of compresses tea. Riped pu er was originated fermented during the crafting process which would generate a instant smooth and lustre texture, yet natural aging has allowed the tea to become even more velvety smooth and sweet. The infusion features a woody scent, resembling smell of incense.The texture is medium, light and plesant with dried fruit taste and a natural recurring sweet aftertaste. 

Pheonix Raw Puer Tea

Produced around the same time as the pheonix riped puer tea bun, this products features compressed raw pu er tea that is allowed to age naturally for over 15 years. The main difference between raw puer and riped puer is that raw puer did not go through any artificial fermentation process, it is processed a lot like green tea, yet at a much lower temperature which allows for continuing transformation of the taste and flavour over time. The package comtains around 250 g of compressed tea. The infusion features a strong dried apricot scent, a hint of sourness and smokienss. The taste is soft and light, combined with a pleasant amount of smokiness and sweetness. It comes with a long lasting and recurring sweet and floral aftertaste. 

White Tea Pie 2018/2020

Shou Mei Variety, harvested and crafted in Fu Ding City, Fu Jian Province China by one of the leading white tea brand "Chen Yuan Tai"from mainland China. The two tea pies are repectively 5 and 3 years aged. Both feature a velvety and dense texture, woody and honey like aroma, dried fruit (date/fig) taste and sweet aftertaste. Typically, white tea can be aged up to ~15 years for its  transforming flavour profiles and numerous health benefits. Tea pies are generally the most ideal form for long term storage and transformation, which make this product ideal for collection. Each pie contains 350g of compressed whole leaf tea. 

Premium Loose White Tea / 2021 White Peony 

"White Peony" variety, also known as the "White Mutan", is crafted using the most delicate young sprout of the tea plant paired with 1 to 2 matured leaves. This product  features white tea species freshly harvested during Spring 2021 in Fu Ding City, Fu Jian Province in mainland China. The tea features a high and strong floral scent, accompanied by refreshing, spring water like texture, and end with a pleasant honey/sugary/sweet aftertaste. It is the ideal tea to taste for its freshness and the natural fragrance of white tea. Each package contains 6g of loose tea. 

White Tea with Aged Orange Peel 

Aged orange peel is known to have abundance of health benefits in the convention of Chinese traditional medicine. It helps digestion, fight inflammation, lower blood pressure and soothes the nerves. Paired with aged white Shou Mei tea, which comes with its own set of unique health benefits, the tea is a perfect option as a healthy and tasty beverage. Idea to go with meals, as health supplement or a soothing daily beverage. The package contains 5g of white tea and 1.5g of aged orange peel. 

White Tea Square 

A convenient choice to prepare white tea anytime on the go. This one features the White Peony/White Mutan variety, freshly harvested in Spring 2021 from Fu Ding city in Fu Jian Province, China. Each of these little square contains 5g of tea amd  features a mild,soothing floral scent, a crispy and refreshing texture, as well as a sweet and honey like aftertaste. It  can adapt to multiple brewing methods including Kung Fu style brewing, infusion in regular tea pot, thermos and mugs. The flavour of the infusion is extremely durable and long lasting, without having to worry that it will turn bitter or estringent. 

Mini White Tea Pearl 

Another convenient choice to prepare white tea on the go. Made from wild grown Shou Mei variety from the high altitude region of Guan Yang Village in Fu Ding city in Spring 2021, aged two years. Featuring a warm, soothing floral scent, soft and velvety texture as well as sweet and honey like aftertaste. Each pearl contains 5-6 g of tea, easy to carry and ideal to enjoy by one person or to share with a small group of friends at home, in the office or during travels!

Lapsang Sochoung Someky Black Tea 

A representative black tea and a long term classic. Lapsang Sochoung is originated from the Wu Yi Mountain region in Fu Jian Province, originally as one of the most popular tea for export to Europe. Traditionally it is smoked with pine wood during its crafting process, in which the smoke and the temperature give rise to a series of complex taste and flavour. This particular product features a strong firewood scent, smoked pepper and dried logan like taste and a sweet and floral finish. 

Wuyi Rock Oolong Da Hong Pao

Another classic tea originated from the Wu Yi Mountain Region in Fu Jian Province, China. This product is a must-taste classic, and one of the most representative variety of Wu Yi Mountain rock oolong. Wu Yi mountain is known for its rocky landscape,nutritions rich soil, and diverse biodiverity. A lot of the local species grow on inclined rock cliffs or valleys in between. As a result, the tea produced in the regions naturally comes with a complex set of flavours which are generally refer to as the taste of the "terroir". Rock tea gained its name from the rockey environment in which the tea trees grown, and is generally refering to only tea produced in the region in the Oolong tea method. The Da Hong Pao variety is a mix of several representative local rock oolong tea species, and made by skillful tea makers to achieve the perfect balance and taste through crafting processes. This particular product features a strong floral and dried fruit (prunes/apricot)scent, a thick and dense texture, roasting aroma and slight smokey taste, a note of sourness and floral at the end, and a long lasting sweetness in the mouth and throat.

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